Bakelite Earring Conversion

Not a fan of screw back or clip on Bakelite earrings &/or have a pair that accidently broke? Well here is a quick tutorial on how to change Bakelite screw back &/or clip on earrings to pierced ear earrings. It’s super simple!

Supplies Needed:

  • Bakelite Earring(s)
  • E6000 Glue
  • New earring posts & backs. I prefer the larger plastic backs, they help keep your earlobes from getting sore & help support the weight of the Bakelite. Both can be purchased at a local hobby store like Michael’s or Joann’s.
  • Rubbing alcohol & paper towels (not pictured)




Step 1: Gather the earring(s) you would like to either convert &/or repair….




Step 2: Gather & get supplies ready.






Step 3: Unscrew the back counter clockwise. This is the same for both screw backs & clip-ons (not pictured). If the back of the earrings is broke (like in the middle picture) simply press down a tiny bit & then start unscrewing it counter clockwise, it will come right out.

Warning! Do not attempt to pull the post out, you will break the Bakelite. 

Side note: This is also one of the ways you can tell a pair of earrings is Bakelite, by the hardware. The backs are not pressed in with heat, they are screwed in.




Step 4: Clean off the back of the earring with a bit of rubbing alcohol & a paper towel (not pictured). Just simply get a bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel (or cotton ball or Qtip) & clean the dirt &/or residue off the back of the earring(s). Let air dry.



Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_7 Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_8 Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_9

Step 5: Next, get a tiny bit of E6000 glue on the back of the earring post & simply press onto the back of the Bakelite making sure it is centered. Repeat. Let dry overnight.




Voila! All ready to wear! Wasn’t that easy!?!