Hello there!

Now that I have moved over what I wanted from the old site (squirreljunkie.net) I thought I would take a quick minute to say hi. “Hi!”

Lots of exciting things happening…first off this new space, a new etsy, & FaceBook! I have lots of fun, exciting (some are still a secret!), & new things planned for the Plaid Thermos, including the long awaited big Bakelite Post! You know that one “how to tell if it’s real or not”. I also have lots of DIY projects planned & some new items coming to the etsy shop. Finally my reproduction water(less) slide decals & luggage decals will be available. The wait is over! YAY!

I hope to get settled in to this new space soon, learn how to have a “blogging voice”, & am really looking forward to all the new things to come, as well as this new chapter in our lives.