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Bakelite Earring Conversion

Not a fan of screw back or clip on Bakelite earrings &/or have a pair that accidently broke? Well here is a quick tutorial on how to change Bakelite screw back &/or clip on earrings to pierced ear earrings. It’s super simple!

Supplies Needed:

  • Bakelite Earring(s)
  • E6000 Glue
  • New earring posts & backs. I prefer the larger plastic backs, they help keep your earlobes from getting sore & help support the weight of the Bakelite. Both can be purchased at a local hobby store like Michael’s or Joann’s.
  • Rubbing alcohol & paper towels (not pictured)




Step 1: Gather the earring(s) you would like to either convert &/or repair….




Step 2: Gather & get supplies ready.






Step 3: Unscrew the back counter clockwise. This is the same for both screw backs & clip-ons (not pictured). If the back of the earrings is broke (like in the middle picture) simply press down a tiny bit & then start unscrewing it counter clockwise, it will come right out.

Warning! Do not attempt to pull the post out, you will break the Bakelite. 

Side note: This is also one of the ways you can tell a pair of earrings is Bakelite, by the hardware. The backs are not pressed in with heat, they are screwed in.




Step 4: Clean off the back of the earring with a bit of rubbing alcohol & a paper towel (not pictured). Just simply get a bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel (or cotton ball or Qtip) & clean the dirt &/or residue off the back of the earring(s). Let air dry.



Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_7 Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_8 Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_9

Step 5: Next, get a tiny bit of E6000 glue on the back of the earring post & simply press onto the back of the Bakelite making sure it is centered. Repeat. Let dry overnight.




Voila! All ready to wear! Wasn’t that easy!?! 


“Fake or Bake” Bakelite Testing Kits


"Fake or Bake" Bakelite Testing Kit


Finally! After months of these being an “idea” they have become a reality! I am very happy to announce & offer “Fake or Bake” Bakelite testing kits. They are available in The Plaid Thermos Etsy.

No more wondering if a piece of jewelry etc. is Bakelite or not while standing in a thrift or antique store (or going through existing jewelry at home). Now you can easily take with you a “Fake or Bake” kit! It fits easily in your purse &/or pocket!

Kit includes 1/4 oz. of Simichrome, 15 testing swaps, instructions, a brief history of Bakelite, & how to tell if an item is Bakelite or not. Best part: no more carrying a big messy tube of Simichrome that fits awkwardly in your purse! Hope you all enjoy them! & Happy Bakey hunting! xo

"Fake or Bake" Bakelite Testing Kit