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Christmas Bakey!

Christmas is so close & I know what I want Santa to bring me (& I am sure lots of you do too!) If you are lucky to wake up to Bakey under your tree use the hashtag #christmasbakey (along with #thedailybake) so we can all follow along/see what you got! Thanks! XO





Exciting news & more photos….

NOTE: I apologize for the very late posting of this….my computer died a horrible death about 4 weeks ago. This post was left in “Draft” mode & I was unable to post it. 


First off the exciting news!

I am very happy to announce that yours truly is the new contributor for OHEMV! A few months back Emily contacted me via Instagram, then email asking if I would like to be a contributor for her and her sister Lucy’s fashion blog OHEMV. Of course with out any hesitation I said Yes! Each month I will be contributing DIY crafts, knitting & crochet patterns, vintage clothes & thrifting tips, & more! Right now I am working on my first blog post, it will be a DIY craft, & very soon I will do a big “how to tell if Bakelite is real” blog post for both here at The Plaid Thermos & for OHEMV. It is going to be a pretty big project, I want to make sure I cover as much info as possible, with lots of photos from my own personal collection. Plus, with the post I will be launching something pretty exciting for my etsy shop! So check back soon & regularly.

You can see my full interview HERE. Hope you like it!


…Next up, more photos!

Since my interview/introduction is up I can finally share the rest of the photos from the photo shoot I did with the lovely Isabel Dresler for it….

Shortly after Emily & I had discussed me being a contributor for OHEMV I contacted Isabel to have professional photos taken (for the first time ever in my life!) as I knew “bathroom selfies” taken with my phone just weren’t going to cut it for an introduction. I really enjoyed working with her! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion. <3