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“Fake or Bake” Bakelite Testing Kits


"Fake or Bake" Bakelite Testing Kit


Finally! After months of these being an “idea” they have become a reality! I am very happy to announce & offer “Fake or Bake” Bakelite testing kits. They are available in The Plaid Thermos Etsy.

No more wondering if a piece of jewelry etc. is Bakelite or not while standing in a thrift or antique store (or going through existing jewelry at home). Now you can easily take with you a “Fake or Bake” kit! It fits easily in your purse &/or pocket!

Kit includes 1/4 oz. of Simichrome, 15 testing swaps, instructions, a brief history of Bakelite, & how to tell if an item is Bakelite or not. Best part: no more carrying a big messy tube of Simichrome that fits awkwardly in your purse! Hope you all enjoy them! & Happy Bakey hunting! xo

"Fake or Bake" Bakelite Testing Kit