Hello! Wow has it been a loooong time since I posted anything & a looong time since I have had time to actually sit & sew (or a real “day off”). This week I had the joy of getting a break from the day to day “go go go” & take some time for myself. What did I do with it?…well honestly the first day I slept & the second (& third) I sewed a skirt & shirt. Here are the results…..









Sunglasses: Wayfarer Ray Ban (bought from a local vintage store)
Shirt: Sewn from Simplicity Pattern 1692 with plain black broadcloth fabric 
Skirt: Sewn from “No Pattern” I just winged it….I used vintage fabric I got from a yard
sale last summer for $2. Skirt is a total of about 4 yds of fabric to make it  ”twirl worthy”
Corset: Orchard Corset 
Crinoline: Vintage 
Purse: Vintage
Jewelry: Necklace: Bakelite & Celluloid   Bracelets & Watch: All Bakelite
Shoes: Bait Footwear


Bakelite Earring Conversion

Not a fan of screw back or clip on Bakelite earrings &/or have a pair that accidently broke? Well here is a quick tutorial on how to change Bakelite screw back &/or clip on earrings to pierced ear earrings. It’s super simple!

Supplies Needed:

  • Bakelite Earring(s)
  • E6000 Glue
  • New earring posts & backs. I prefer the larger plastic backs, they help keep your earlobes from getting sore & help support the weight of the Bakelite. Both can be purchased at a local hobby store like Michael’s or Joann’s.
  • Rubbing alcohol & paper towels (not pictured)




Step 1: Gather the earring(s) you would like to either convert &/or repair….




Step 2: Gather & get supplies ready.






Step 3: Unscrew the back counter clockwise. This is the same for both screw backs & clip-ons (not pictured). If the back of the earrings is broke (like in the middle picture) simply press down a tiny bit & then start unscrewing it counter clockwise, it will come right out.

Warning! Do not attempt to pull the post out, you will break the Bakelite. 

Side note: This is also one of the ways you can tell a pair of earrings is Bakelite, by the hardware. The backs are not pressed in with heat, they are screwed in.




Step 4: Clean off the back of the earring with a bit of rubbing alcohol & a paper towel (not pictured). Just simply get a bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel (or cotton ball or Qtip) & clean the dirt &/or residue off the back of the earring(s). Let air dry.



Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_7 Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_8 Bakelite_ScrewBack_Tutorial_9

Step 5: Next, get a tiny bit of E6000 glue on the back of the earring post & simply press onto the back of the Bakelite making sure it is centered. Repeat. Let dry overnight.




Voila! All ready to wear! Wasn’t that easy!?! 


“Fake or Bake” Bakelite Testing Kits


"Fake or Bake" Bakelite Testing Kit


Finally! After months of these being an “idea” they have become a reality! I am very happy to announce & offer “Fake or Bake” Bakelite testing kits. They are available in The Plaid Thermos Etsy.

No more wondering if a piece of jewelry etc. is Bakelite or not while standing in a thrift or antique store (or going through existing jewelry at home). Now you can easily take with you a “Fake or Bake” kit! It fits easily in your purse &/or pocket!

Kit includes 1/4 oz. of Simichrome, 15 testing swaps, instructions, a brief history of Bakelite, & how to tell if an item is Bakelite or not. Best part: no more carrying a big messy tube of Simichrome that fits awkwardly in your purse! Hope you all enjoy them! & Happy Bakey hunting! xo

"Fake or Bake" Bakelite Testing Kit

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hope you are all having a wonderful & heart filled day today! Our younger daughter & I decided to do an impromptu “what we wore post” today for Valentine’s Day….which was a lot of fun! xoxo






Emi is wearing:

Top “I’m yours”: Target
Nails: Done by her
Rings: Vintage Bakelite
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Faux Doc Martens






What I’m Wearing:

Capulet/Hat: Vintage (one of my favorites!)
Sweater: Gap from ages ago
Tank Top: Old Navy
Jewelry: All vintage Bakelite (brooch, necklace, earrings, & bracelets)
Corset: Orchard Corset
Skirt: Handmade by me
Crinoline: Vintage
Shoes: Irregular Choice




Christmas Bakey!

Christmas is so close & I know what I want Santa to bring me (& I am sure lots of you do too!) If you are lucky to wake up to Bakey under your tree use the hashtag #christmasbakey (along with #thedailybake) so we can all follow along/see what you got! Thanks! XO





Not-So-Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweater DIY

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, “ugly sweaters”, handmade gifts, & DIY projects. I thought I would start my holiday season out this year with ugly Christmas sweaters (or in this case sweatshirts) for our family Christmas card picture. They are easy, inexpensive (they cost me $10 each to make!), fun, & perfect for a Holiday party or two! Here is the simple step-by-step DIY. <3


Christmas Sweater DIY

Supplies Needed

  • Sweatshirt(s)
  • Kitty Polar Fleece (or other Holiday printed polar fleece)
  • Fur Trim 1″ wide (I bought 2″ wide & cut it in half)
  • Sequins (or other items you would like to glue on)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Bowl
  • Wax Paper
  • Tape Measure
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Pen


Christmas Sweater DIY

1. Getting started: Use a bowl (or something similar) that is the size you need for your design. I used a vintage Pyrex bowl since it was the perfect size for the Santa Kitties.


Christmas Sweater DIY

2. With your bowl (or other round object) place it on a piece of wax paper & draw around it to make a template to cut out the fleece with. With scissors cut out the wax paper circle…


Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

3. Once you have cut out your wax paper template place it on the fleece centering it over design (this is where the wax paper template is really nice, cause you can see through it to get proper placement!), pin the wax paper down, & cut out your fleece….

Christmas Sweater DIY


Christmas Sweater DIY


Christmas Sweater DIY

4. Next center your cut out fleece circle on the sweatshirt…. I placed mine 3 1/2 inches down & centered it (measuring side to side till even). Pin evenly around circle & a few in the center to help keep the circle steady & from shifting as you hot glue it down….


Christmas Sweater DIY

5. Next carefully with the hot glue gun, glue an inch or so at a time down around the entire out side edge of the fleece circle. (Don’t mind my hot glue gun, it has glued many miles of stuff & is well “loved”) As you go around the circle you can remove the pins….

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

6. Once your fleece circle is hot glued down all the way around, glue down the faux fur trim around the outside of it. I like to start at the center of the bottom hot gluing the inner edge down about 1 in to 1.5 in at a time. After you have a bit of glue down hold down the fur for a few seconds till it cools down & then do the next section….


Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

7. After you get a few inches of the inner edge of the fur trim hot glued down, you will notice it start to curl up. When you notice this go back & glue down the outer edge of the fur. Then move back to the inner section. Continue like this till the entire inner & outer edge of the faux fur is hot glued down.

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

8. Once you have the faux fur hot glued all the way down you will need to trim off the ends. Simply over lap onside over the other, trim with scissors, & carefully glue down. “Fluff” Up & Voila! Trim is finished.

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

Christmas Sweater DIY

9. Now it’s time to do the sequins. Simply apply a little bit of Aleene’s tacky glue in a small section & with a pin (it’s what I find easiest to use on such a small object) pick up one sequin at a time & place on the glue. Work your way a bit at a time till finished. If you put all the glue down at once over the area you want covered in sequins at once you will find the glue has dried out just enough that sequins do not want to stick.

Christmas Sweater DIY


Christmas Sweater DIY

10. Finish off the areas you want sequins (or other objects glued on to) & let dry over night….then you are ready to wear!


Christmas Sweater DIY


Christmas Sweater DIY


Enjoy! & Happy Holidays! xo Rebecca

Exciting news & more photos….

NOTE: I apologize for the very late posting of this….my computer died a horrible death about 4 weeks ago. This post was left in “Draft” mode & I was unable to post it. 


First off the exciting news!

I am very happy to announce that yours truly is the new contributor for OHEMV! A few months back Emily contacted me via Instagram, then email asking if I would like to be a contributor for her and her sister Lucy’s fashion blog OHEMV. Of course with out any hesitation I said Yes! Each month I will be contributing DIY crafts, knitting & crochet patterns, vintage clothes & thrifting tips, & more! Right now I am working on my first blog post, it will be a DIY craft, & very soon I will do a big “how to tell if Bakelite is real” blog post for both here at The Plaid Thermos & for OHEMV. It is going to be a pretty big project, I want to make sure I cover as much info as possible, with lots of photos from my own personal collection. Plus, with the post I will be launching something pretty exciting for my etsy shop! So check back soon & regularly.

You can see my full interview HERE. Hope you like it!


…Next up, more photos!

Since my interview/introduction is up I can finally share the rest of the photos from the photo shoot I did with the lovely Isabel Dresler for it….

Shortly after Emily & I had discussed me being a contributor for OHEMV I contacted Isabel to have professional photos taken (for the first time ever in my life!) as I knew “bathroom selfies” taken with my phone just weren’t going to cut it for an introduction. I really enjoyed working with her! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion. <3







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